Product Info

Each product is made with authentic Biothane, a PVC waterproof, smell proof and dirt proof coated webbing. Biothane is soft, an alternative to leather and comes in many beautiful colours and widths. For our products we use Super Heavy Biothane, excluding 5/8" collars and leashes and 1/2" collars. We use Standard Beta, a thinner version for these particular products. All ends are sealed with Bioseal, a non-hazardous water based, quick dry sealant that protects the inner nylon core from moisture and grime. Bioseal is one of the finishing touches we believe is necessary to offer a quality product.

We use chicago screws with permanent red Loctite to bind our products. Screws will not come apart without being cut with heavy duty wire cutters. 

All hardware pieces have been carefully selected and tested. We offer highly durable solid brass and stainless steel hardware. Our specialty hardware is plated over solid brass or zinc. We are currently working to switch all plated products over to solid brass as we believe that brass is the optimal hardware choice for pet gear (with the except of side-release buckles).

Each piece is handmade with passion, from the end cuts to the poked holes.



Measuring your pet's neck is key! Use a soft measuring tape for the most accurate measurement. Please follow my sizing guide for measuring collars. I can offer in-between sizes for necks that don't quite fall into my sizing ranges listed.




Solid brass hardware will require some maintenance. Use a vinegar/lemon juice and salt mixture or baking soda and a scrub brush to remove any stains from brass or to make the brass look shiny again. Vinegar/lemon juice and salt also work to shine up the copper plated screws used on many of the Rose Gold items. Rinse with soap and water after use in salt water. Allow side-release buckles to dry after use and before fastening together again for use.

Plated hardware, especially black, are more susceptible to having the finish chip off.



We do have a few retail shops that carry my products at this time. We are currently at capacity for wholesale I can provide, feel free to reach out to be considered down the road if availability opens up. Shops that carry my products for in person viewing and purchase include:

Hen & Goose - Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia

Global Pet Foods - New Minas, Nova Scotia

The Market General Merchants - Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Planet Paws - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Dream Dog - Bedford, Nova Scotia 

East Coast Dog - Halifax, Nova Scotia

Uptown Tails Pet Resort - Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Bonehouse - Toronto, Ontario

Salty Dog Pet Parlour - Belleville, Ontario

Garderie la Patte d'Or - Val-Doucet, New Brunswick


Suitability for you and your pet

You know your pet best! Some will wear whatever you'd like without a care, others may be bothered by hardware or collars. At Kite & Anchor we try to have a little something for everyone.

My recommendations for dogs who prefer something lightweight are the 1/2" and 5/8" widths, I would also suggest the plated hardware choices over the stainless and brass because they are heavier than their plated counterparts.

For large dogs, the heaviest weight hardware I have include solid brass and stainless steel.

Lastly, when wearing a the hands-free leash, typically the most comfortable choice is 3/4" or thinner.







Trigger snaps are ideal for light pullers, they are excellent for the beach because sand will not jam them open or closed.

Bolt-snaps are a durable option which is great for pullers.

Locking carabiners are available for widths 3/4" and under and add extra security for heavy pullers, flight risks or reactive dogs.


Safety & Guarantee 

Kite & Anchor takes your pet's safety very seriously! Quality products you can rely on are our #1 goal. Always inspect products before use, check clasps to ensure proper closure or for weakened springs. Do not fasten trigger leash clasps to multiple pieces at one time as pressure on either side can open this clasp. Rinse side-release clips and bolt leash clasps with fresh water after using in salt water or sand.
In rare case of hardware failure, please contact right away and we will replace at no charge. Hardware is guaranteed for 18 months after purchase with the exception of scratches on finish to plated hardware. Natural wear and tear and chewed Biothane will not be replaced.