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Struggling to find the right leash for your small dog or puppy? Look no further. Cute, lightweight, durable. Designed just for the little ones, because we know no matter the size, dogs are dogs (and that gross thing on the ground looks fun to roll in right about now). Made with featherlight 1/2" Biothane.


Handmade with love and care in Nova Scotia.


Leash length - 6'


Hardware:  solid brass, stainless steel or plated rose gold, matte black, neo-chrome and antique brass. 

*Please note plating will wear off over time, especially in high friction areas. Biothane is a strong and durable material but is not chew proof. Please check the product information page for warranty details.

Customer Reviews

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Valerie Godin
Best leash!

I have a 45 lbs dog with a lot of energy but always use this tiny leash. It's light and supple, I love it!

Morgan DuPlessis
Can’t Imagine Using Anything Else

These leashes are my all-time favourite. The size is perfect for my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I truly wouldn’t ever use anything else. Biothane is the best material for a dog leash because it looks amazing and you can put it through anything. My dog and I spend a lot of time outside and even after swimming, running through the mud, pushing through bushes, and dragging across sand and rocks in all types of weather and temperatures, the biothane looks brand new. The hardware holds up tremendously too. I’ve gotten plenty of K&A leashes for myself and as gifts for others and I can’t think of a single bad thing to say. The customer service is amazing and the craftsmanship can’t be beaten. If you’re on the edge about it, consider this your signal to GO FOR IT! You won’t regret it. In fact, you’ll probably be back for more.